Free Contactless Delivery in Victoria Monday to Friday 2-4pm Order by 1pm for same day. Free Contactless Delivery in Victoria Monday to Friday 2-4pm Order by 1pm for same day.
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1322 Government St 

Victoria, BC V8W 1Y8

1322 Government St 

Victoria, BC V8W 1Y8

Mon-Sat 11-6

Sun- 12-5

Ease Your Mind


Take a load off with our ease your mind bundle. 

Our Ease Your Mind Bundle includes. 

Kin + Pod Chocolate Bar

Just a small company trying to make a difference by making
​exceptional small batch, ethically sourced bean to bar chocolate.

Classic Bean to Bar 

Gluten Free 


The New New Age- Skin Food

Nourishing, hydrating, and protective whole food skin salve.

Featuring organic virgin coconut oil and raw, wildcrafted cacao butter and unrefined, treatment-free beeswax from our farm make this the ultimate nourishment for our bodies' largest organ.

Ingredients: organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, wildcrafted cacao butter, treatment-free unrefined beeswax (wax, honey, pollen), organic vanilla bean.

All ingredients are either permaculturally grown, ethically wildcrafted or certified organic.


Way of Will - Stress Less Roll on 

Stress doesn’t have to be a consistent or inevitable part of your day. Our Stress Less essential oil remedy is specially formulated with a blend of calming and comforting natural oils to soothe the mind and dispel negative thoughts and emotions, so you can enjoy your day worry-free. Our compact, hassle-free roll-on remedy contains a nourishing jojoba oil base and is enriched with a special blend of essential oils that specifically calms, comforts, and uplifts your mind for a better, more optimistic day. This sleek, travel-friendly roller is the perfect companion for those who need stress relief at work, at the gym, or even just at home.

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil – Calms the mind, alleviates stress, and relieves muscle tension

German Chamomile Essential Oil – Tranquilizing and soothing, effective in combatting insomnia and negative thoughts